Partial view in MVC application

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How to render partial view in MVC application

Partial view in MVC application

In this article we will learn, how to create partial view in MVC application. Partial view is very similar with user control in normal web form application. Partial view is needed when we want to show content of one view in another view. Sometimes it needed to create default header and footer to give same look and feel throughout the application. In this scenario partial view comes into play.

Create Controller

To see working example of partial view, at first we have to create one controller. Here we have created Test controller which contains Index action. Within index action we are calling Index view.

public class TestController : Controller
        public ActionResult Index()
            return View("Index");
Add partial view

Now, we will add partial view in this application. To add partial view, we have to right click on view folder and click on add view option. Then below window will appear.

Here we have chosen view as a partial view. Once you click on OK button, one view will create in application like below.

Content of partial view

By default, the content of partial view will be blank. Let’s add below content in this view.

This is simple partial View.

Add main view

Now we will add one main view, from where we will call partial view. Here is the content of main view.

    Layout = null;
<!DOCTYPE html>
        This is normal Page.
Html helper method to call partial view

To render partial view from any view we have to use RenderPartial() function of HTML helper class.  There are four overloaded function of RenderPartial() and we have chosen the first one which takes view name as argument. We have supplied _Partical argument which is nothing but our partial view.

Here is the output



In this article we have learned how to use partial view in MVC application. Hope you have understood the concept.


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