(Book Review)Augmented Reality with Kinect by Rui Wang

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Today we are reviewing another Book using Microsoft Kinect. The author of the book is Rui Wang. Below are the book details if you want to get hold of the book.

Augmented Reality with Kinect by Rui Wang


Today we are reviewing another Book using Microsoft Kinect. The author of the book is Rui Wang. Below are the book details if you want to get hold of the book.

Book Details

Language: English
Paperback: 122 pages [235mm x 191mm]
Release Date: July 2013
ISBN: 1849694389
ISBN 13: 9781849694384
Rui Wang
Topics and Technologies: All Books, Application Development, Microsoft Other, Microsoft

Chapter 1

The Author demonstrated on how to install the Kinect sensor, SDK and toolkit required for Kinect. This chapter was basic and straight to the point.

Chapter 2

In this chapter, the author did some development environment preparation. He also introduced some free third party modules that can used so that you cannot reinvent the wheel. Most of the example in the book will still reference or depend on these modules.

The Author also demonstrated simple coding methods of enabling your sensor and starting using it programmatically. One should note that this is a C++ book, it is not a C# book. So if you are a C# developer, this book is not for you.

Chapter 3

In this chapter the Author dealt with Depth data and drawing colors in Kinect. This was on its basic level for a beginner to understand. The images used were not really clear, but the author was able to get the message through.

Chapter 4

This was a mighty Skeleton tracking chapter and also face tracking. The Author did well in this chapter explaining the fundamentals of Skeleton tracking before diving straight to the code.Face tracking was well explained and straight to the point.


Chapter 5

The Last chapter of the book the author touched on the important subject of Kinect, Designing a Touchable User Interface.  Since the version of SDK that is used in this book is not 1.7, this means the author needed to manually create hand tracking and also in this chapter the author explains how to resolve the issue of jittering when you are tracking the hand.

The Author also dealt with the concept of gesture recognition, things like swiping etc.


Most of Kinect Books, are C# books. This is a first C++ book I came across that explains how to do Kinect in C++ and using visual Studio. If you are a C++ fanatic, this is a book for you.

Vuyiswa Maseko

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