SSRS Demo Using Stored Procedure with Parameters

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Hi friends today we will discuss about SSRS reports using Stored Procedure with Parameters.


Hi friends today we will discuss about SSRS reports using Stored Procedure with Parameters.

  1. SSRS_Report is a stored procedure where it will accept two parameters 1st Startdate and 2nd Enddate . Based on that selected date report will be fetched.

  1. Click on the file and select project to create a new project.

  1. Select the report server project wizard for creating SSRS report.
  2. Type the required project name in name text field….
  3. Click on Browse button and select the destination path to save the project.
  4. Click on ok button to save and proceed.

  1. Right click on the shared data source and create a new Add New Data Source.

Shared Data Source Properties:

  1. Type the Name as per the your requirement . Try to have a strong name . 
  2. Click on edit Button and enter the connection string Means which server you want to connect 
  3. Click on OK button to continue .

Connection Properties:

  1. Server Name : Select the server name from where you are generating report . Enter the server name in that drop down box .
  2. Log on to the Server : Select in which mode authentication is required . if you click on user windows Authentication then user name ,Password . if you click on use sql server authentication then we need to enter both user name and password .
  3. Click on Test Connection to test wither connection was established are not
  4. Once all the information is filled OK Button will be enabled.

Shared DataSets:

  1. Right Click on the Shared DataSets and click on Add New Dataset .

Shared Dataset Properties:

  1. Name : Enter the dataset Name.
  2. Select the Data Source. If we have multiple data source select the required one .
  3. Click on the Stored Procedure . and select the report required stored procedure .
  4. Select the Stored procedure name .
  5. Click OK button to continue .

Adding Report:

  1. Click on Add button to add a new report .

Add New Item- SSRS project :

  1. Click on report .
  2. Type the Report name as per your requirement .
  3. Click ok button to save and continue .

Steps for adding the table to report :

  1. Drag and drop the table over the design portion .

  1. Arrange the columns as per your requirement .
  2. Once the required columns are bind .. it looks like below .

Preview of the report:

  1. Click on the preview Button Select the start date .
  2. Select the end date.
  3. Click View Report .


In this article we have seen how to create SSRS report from SQL Stored Procedure with Parameters.

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