Getting Started With PhoneGap Day 1

Rama Sagar
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PhoneGap is a open source API that we can use to develop applications that run on variety of mobile devices and platforms


With this article we are going to look into step-by-step series on how to use Phone-Gap . In the course we are basically going to be discussing using Phone-Gap and we will learn how to build a phone gap application. 

In this article “Day-1” of the series, we will learn how to get started with Phone-Gap. We will go through the introduction to Phone-Gap, why we should use Phone-Gap and then download and install it today. 

What does Phone-Gap do?

Phone-Gap makes it easy for us to develop a hybrid/platform independent app and hence reduces the time consuming learning process. Phone-Gap is an amazing technology, since it allows us to develop platform independent apps and such apps can be developed quite easily using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

History of Phone-Gap

  • 2008

        Developed at iPhoneDev Camp event in San Francisco

  • 2009

         First stale release

  • 2011

        Version 1.0 released


How Phone-Gap works?

Phone -Gap has two major components and if we understand these two things we can know how the Phone-Gap works  first thing it is gonna launch an HTML app the second that it does is it let you get in to that Apis and some hardware features of the device through javascript.. 

Lets us understand  how we are able to launch an html app on native platform using Phone-Gap

first the native shell is going to launch (iOS ,ANDROID,WINDOWS) and from that native application and it will launch the browser and than it will redirect to that browser to the html app that packaged with that application..

and secondly it will access the APIS that are particular to each native platform through java script


 Why Phone Gap?
  • Simple application native feel isn't important
         if we just need a simple application and if we are not doing something which is not very complicated Phone gap is going to do that for you..

  •  Reuse HTMl and javascript skill set 
       we can use the skill set of different javascript frameworks

  • Need to deploy to multiple devices
        if we need to go to multiple devices(IOS.Android,Windows)..Phone gap is able to do that 

 Why not Phone Gap?
  • Native look and feel needed 
           If we need native look and feel Phonegap might not be the right choice

  • Complex UIs and API usage
         if we using lot of native features of the device and you have complicated user interfaces..Phonegap is not gonna work for you 
  • Speed
  Phonegap is probably going to slow you down as it will launch through browser.


In this article we have seen the background of phonegap.In next article we will learn setting up the environment of Phone Gap..


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