Google tips and tricks to improve productivity

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In this article, we shall learn tips and tricks of Google that can help us to improve our productivity online.
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GOOGLE, we can say it is the solution of all problems (particularly for developers). Whether you want to search for a solution for a programming problem or solution for household problems or to know about a particular place or anything else; Google has solution for all.

Have you ever wondered what more google can do for you, here are some more tips and tricks of google.

To get a meaning of a English Word in Google

To get a meaning of any English word, search for "define: <word>" and google shows the definition, pronunciation and grammar and everything related with that word.

How to search for a programming related solution in Google?

  1. Questions: 
    • If we have a programming question and we want solution, we would naturally think like "how to ......". Goolge also expects us to do the same. Simply write something like "How to populate dropdownlist in" in Google search box and we would get the desired result.

    • If we are getting any error while developing application, copy-paste the exact error message in google after removing any program specific words like path of the page, name of the class file etc.

  2. Articles : Suppose, we are looking for an article on a specific topic say "3-tier architecture with ASP.NET with C#". Write the exact topic in google and it will give us the perfect result.

  3. Tutorials/Documents : If we are looking for a tutorials or document on a particular topic, simply write that topic in goolge box and you would get the result.
The whole idea is to write the exact keyword of what we are searching for and google gives us the best possible result from its database.

How to find a distance and map between two places?

To find the distance, time takes to reach and map of two places, simply write something like "Hyderabd to Chennai" in the goolge box and it would give all possible details of those two places. Here Hyderabad and Chennai are the name of cities in India.

How to get google calculator?

To get calculator in Google, simply search for "calc" and we would get a nice scientific calculator right in the browser.

To get pages only from a particular site in Google

To get pages only from a particular website, write "site: domain name" and google shows all the pages from that domain only.

Timer in Google

To bring a timer in Google, write "timer x minutes/seconds/hours" and we would get a timer of specified time. We would have ability to start, stop and rest the timer.

Finding songs by a popular singer

To find songs by a popular singer, write "songs by <singer name>" and we would get list of songs by that singer.

To get list of Books by a particular Author

To get the list of book by a particular author, write "books by <author name>" and we would get list of famous books by that author and link to buy from.

Sunrise timing of a city

If we want to know the sunrise timing of a particular city, write "sunrise <city name>" and we will get the timing. Similarly we can also get sunset timing by writing "sunset <city name>".

Whether details in Google

To get whether details in Google, write "whether <city name>" and we would get whether information about that city.

Company founder information in Google

To get founder information about a renowned company, write "founder <company name>" and we would get details of the founder.

There are many more tips and tricks related with Google and we would cover them all in coming article.

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