Database backup in sql server 2008

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In this article we are going to discuss about SQL server backup task procedure.


In this article, we are going to look into different procedures of Database backup in Microsoft SQL server.

(1)Take Backup using Wizard.

(2)Take backup using generates script functionality.

 Let’s start

(1) Take Backup using Wizard-

Right click on database which you want to take backup-> go to ->Task->go to->Back Up

 Using below window you can configure general tab which contain backup type you can changes backup type (Full backup, Differential backup) according to requirement and you can change backup physical location in Disk.

Full backup-> full backup Take backup of whole database.

Differential backup->this type of backup capture only the data that has changes since full backup.


After that configure Option tab->Go to Option tab in same window.

In this window you can select option like append to existing backup set and overwrite all existing backup set and you can also set backup compression option for shrink database backup file.

 Finally click OK button show in below.

 After completion of task you see this window. This window display successful message this message indicate Database backup task is completed successfully.

(2)    Take backup using generates script functionality

(a)This type of backup functionality use when you are unable to restore backup file on other server database.

(b) If in your database large amount of data then this type of backup functionality is not suitable.

But in some cases generate script functionality is very useful.

 Right click on database->go to->Task->go to->Generate Script

 In this window you can configure multiple things:

(a)Select database object to script

(b) Configure how script should be save and publish.

 (a)Select database object to script-> in this tab two options are available one is script entire database object or select some specific database object like table, views, stored procedure etc.


 (b) Configure how script should be save and publish-> in this tab also two option available one save script to a specific location on your disk or save to clipboard or save to new query window.

Here you can also configure advance setting using advance button.

 For advance setting go to this window. Here you can select option according requirement. Here I am selecting type of data to script option is schema and data that means I want to generate script of database schema and data. You can select option according to own need. After that click ok button.

 After completed all tasks go to save or publish tab of this window. After that you can see script in new query window according to your setting. Then click on finish button.

 You can see output here.

 Thanks for reading my article.



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