Explicit Interface Implementation

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This article gives a basic idea on achieving an Explicit Interface implementation.


This article gives a basic idea on how to achieve Explicit Interface implementation.


The explicit interface implementation in OOPS states how to use same method name in multiple interfaces, how the implementation part of same method name should be carried out.

Using the code

In this article we used two interfaces iTeacher,iStudent which will have a Name method.

    interface iTeacher
        void Name();
    interface iStudent
        void Name();
 class Program :iTeacher,iStudent
{ void iTeacher.Name() { Console.WriteLine("iteacher Interface Name Method"); } void iStudent.Name() { Console.WriteLine("iStudent Interface Name Method"); } static void Main(string[] args) { iStudent iS=new Program(); iS.Name(); iTeacher iT = new Program(); iT.Name(); Console.ReadKey(); } }

In the above code, two interfaces used a common method as Name. The basic part of an interface is it must be implemented by a derived class in order to make use of an interface methods.

When the interfaces has got two methods with the same name then we need to use an Explicit Interface mechanism in order to achieve two identical implementations which can be achieved by using the interface name following a method name as per the syntax.


This article particularly focuses on how to make use of an explicit interfaces with the same method names.



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