.Net Core: An Inventive Open Source Solution to the Developers from Microsoft

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Web applications are created on various platforms based upon several language built programs. In addition, there are several coding formats which result to different web processing and outcomes. And each of them comes with distinct feature to provide dynamicity to the websites. Moreover, many of these programming formats have undergone extensive changes thus proving a better option for developers.
.Net for instance is one such mode in this regards. For those who are unfamiliar, this programming sector provides a gateway which comprises aspects including automatic memory management, type safety and multiple programming languages. Hence, it emerges as an ideal facet to develop any device oriented application. Its recent version .Net Core has been a buzz in development sectors.

A Closer Look

.Net Core has been specifically designed as a base to the future versions of .Net platforms. The version is already in use with ASP.NET 5 and .Net Native. This is a modular framework that could be used for many app models, platforms and architectures. This is a sub classification of the larger .Net Framework, a part of Windows. Furthermore, the Core version of .Net is also supportable for Linux, OS X and Windows.

Apart from all these, there are also some of the reasons for invention of .Net Core. Take a look at some of them-

  • .Net Innovation- This enables the .Net features to be used on more applications upgrading the facades like languages, compilers, base class libraries, app models, run times and tools.

  • Open Source- Instigating engineering processes to develop through help of the community designing on an incredible .Net platform to implement it for the future. 

  • Cross Platform- .Net Core has been designed compatible to be used for the architectures like Linux and Mac as per the increasing needs of the business today.
Meaning, with its ASP.Net development, Microsoft’s all new .Net Core is extremely eligible to be used with any of the operating systems conveniently.

The Included Options

.Net Core apps could be created to run on multiple CPUs. Meanwhile running on Windows, there are plans to design the ports that could run on Linux, OS X along with FreeBSD. Open source feature provides various programming and coding scopes for the developers. Further, as a developer you could also learn about .Net Core through various sources like dotnet.github.io/core and Introduction to ASP.NET 5.

.Net Core Libraries

This section of .Net Core includes the library implementation known as Core FX for .Net Core such as System Collections, System IO, System XML along with other specifications. A modular implementation of .Net, .Net Core could be used as the base stack resulting from the operation ranging from console utilities to web apps in cloud. A CoreFX cannot be doubted of its runtime management and could run on .Net runtime.

.Net Core Vs .Net Framework

Core has been named because of the core features that it has availed from the .Net Framework including runtime and framework libraries. Core has been designed with a purpose to make .Net as open source, cross platform and to be used for various other resource limited environment. Likewise, ASP.Net 5 is a cross platform version of ASP.Net which has been designed for cloud and could run on it Windows, Linux, Mac and also on .Net Core.

Starting With .Net Core

.Net Core has been designed very simple. Hence, it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a proficient; you could easily manage to start with this version of .Net through any programming platform. All you need is a shell and a text editor and you could start with .Net Core through any of the operating systems such as Windows, Linux or OS X, following procedural steps for each operating system.

To conclude, every operating system has its own specifications and features. Thus, the invention of .Net Core from microsoft development is an acute methodology that could work on every platform providing truly better programming scope to developers.
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