Installaton guide of MongoDB on Windows 64 bit machine

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In this step by step installation guide of MongoDB, we will learn how to install MongoDB on a 64 bit Windows machine. The article will serve as a reference guide for absolute beginners as how to install MongoDB on a 64 bit Windows OS.
Read Intoduction to Mongo Database before this article.


MongoDB is a Document Store Database that stores semi-structured or unstructured records/documents in JSON format. 

The following is a simple document that we can store in a Document Store Database

{ "Question Name"  : "What is MongoDB"
  "Author"         : "Niladri Biswas" 
  "Description"	  : " In this article we will learn about the installation of MongoDB on a 64 bit windows machine." 

In this step by step article, we will learn how to install MongoDB on a 64 bit Windows machine

Environment Setup

Installing the MongoDB

First of all, we need to download the MongoDB .msi as per the system requirement (32bit/64 bit).

The next step is to install the .msi.The below is the step by step procedure to setup the MongoDB in the system

Click on the Next button and in the ELUA screen that appears next, accept the Licencing term and click on the Next button.

In the "Choose Setup Type", select the Custom and click on the Next button.

The below screen appears

Choose the Browse button and specify the path where we need to install the MongoDB.In our case we selected "C:\mongodb"

Click OK button and then click on the Next button.

Click Install button and the installation will start

Finally, the final wizard screen will appear stating "Completion" message

Click Finish button.

Next we need to create the path for data files.We will issue the command inside the MongoDB home from command prompt.

 C:\mongodb>md \data\db

Finally to check if MongoDB is running properly, let us issue the below command from command prompt.


The mongod starts the main MongoDB database process. The waiting for connections message in the console output indicates that the mongod.exe process is running successfully on the port 27017.

To learn how to work with MongoDB, read these articles.


Introduction to MongoDB


Hope this will be helpful for the absolute beginners and will serve as a reference guide as how to install MongoDB on a 64 bit Windows OS.Thanks for reading.

Read Introduction to MongoDB setting up the server after this article.
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