5 tips to write an impressive English essay

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Writing an impressive English essay is quite easy by implementing different essay writing tips and tricks. It demands strong vocabulary and expressive mind.

Students are usually worried about writing an impressive English essay. Writing an impressive essay is not a difficult task but it requires a lot of patience and practice. Practice makes man perfect. Some of the tips and tricks for writing an impressive English essay are highlighted in this article.

1. Reading Newspapers

Reading English newspaper is very useful for enhancing vocabulary and grammar. The newspaper contains different kinds of articles and editorials. They are not only informative but also help in increasing English vocabulary. English newspapers touch almost all topics such as politics, science, technology and entertainment. The variation in topics enhances your knowledge. Reading equips you with the basics of writing an English essay. Reading is the primary step for writing an impressive English essay.

2. Practice

Writing practice makes you perfect writer. Writing is the most fundamental part in enhancing English written skills. Choose different topics from books, newspapers or TV and write an essay on these topics in as much detail as you can. Try to write on different topics such as technology, games, education, entertainment, fiction and creativity. This will enable you to write on multiple topics in relatively short period of time.

3. Cohesion and Transition

These are the most important tools to enhance English essay writing. Try to develop link between the paragraphs of your essay, each paragraph should be coherent and linked to the previous paragraph. The reader would be able to get the theme of the essay if it is narrated in transitional style. The nexus between the paragraphs develop the interest in the reader and the cohesiveness would help reader to focus on the topic under discussion.

4. Compare Your essay

Try to compare your essay with those which are regarded as the best essays. It will help you to understand your weak writing points. You will have better understanding about your writing style and in future you will take care of your weak points. Try to read essays of different authors to grasp the different writing styles. This comparison will strengthen your writing skill and make you more expressive.

5. Expression and Proofreading

The writer should express his/her ideas clearly. The expression is a key point to write an impressive essay. An impressive essay is expressive and the concepts and ideas are clear and concise. After writing, try to proofread your essay and point out your grammatical mistakes. Reread your essay until you are satisfied with the grammar and sentence structure of your English essay.

These five tips are very beneficial for enhancing English writing skills. The writing needs strong vocabulary and innovation in expression. The writer must know how to express his ideas in a cohesive manner. The habit of reading English newspaper really helps in expressing ideas clearly. These tips will also help you to score good grades in exams. You can also get writer jobs by mastering the skill of English writing.

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Posted by: Ahmedkhan on: 9/12/2017 | Points: 25
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Posted by: Janieberry on: 7/3/2018 | Points: 25
Thank you for this incredible article. Essays are time consuming and require a lot of effort from students.
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Brainstorm your argument
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Cite all sources parenthetically within the paper and on the Works Cited page
Follow all grammatical rules
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