Encrypting password and store in a Database using sqlserver

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Encrypting password and store in a Database using sqlserver

Encrypting password

HashFunction:To Encrypt a Password use HashFunction.HashFunction sends your password to a function which spits out your password all garbled. To hash a password, you can use the built in method called HashPasswordForStoringInConfigFile.


 You can call it like this:

 FormsAuthentication.HashPasswordForStoringInConfigFile("password","md5"). The first parameter is the password to be hashed. The second parameter is either "md5" or "sha1" depending on which hashing function you use.



string str = FormsAuthentication.HashPasswordForStoringInConfigFile("dotnetfunda ", "MD5");

       string str1 = FormsAuthentication.HashPasswordForStoringInConfigFile("dotnetfunda.com", "sha1");

       Response.Write("dotnetfunda " + str);

       Response.Write("<br>dotnetfunda.com " + str1);

       Response.Write("<br>dotnetfunda " + str);



dotnetfunda =B9B93AF7A7DA8881888EDD632D7A23E7

dotnetfunda.com =0E34AD60C96D6A480C0FC9D2B82796F3F43EC833
dotnetfunda =B9B93AF7A7DA8881888EDD632D7A23E7


storing Hashvalue in a database:


create loginuser Table with two columns as username varchar(50),password varchar(50).

Drag and drop two  Textboxes as txtusername and txtpassword on a WebPage.


String user_name=txtusername.Text;

String hasspassword= FormsAuthentication.HashPasswordForStoringInConfigFile(txtpassword.Text,"MD5”);

//Converting a password in to HashPassword


SqlConnetion conn=New SqlConnection(“your connection”);


SqlCommand cmd=new SqlCommand(“insert into loginuser(username,password) values(‘”+user_name +”’,’”+ hasspassword +”’)”,conn);



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