How to Start Mobile Application on Windows?

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In This article you will know how to start a mobile application on windows.


1)      Open your VisualStudio.In menus choose FileàNewàProject when you click on project a new Window will open as shown in ‘new Project window’ picture.

2)      From the Above Window choose your language(C# or,j#,etc).Here I am using c# language.

3)      Next select 'Smart Devices’. under Smart Device choose 'Pocket Pc 2003’

4)      In Visual Studio Installed Templates choose 'Device Application’. Later give the name of your Application and click on 'OK' Button. Wait a little Seconds.Infront of you a Mobile will appear as shown in picture ‘Mobile Windows Form’.


5)      Note: Just look up in first Picture ‘new Project window’. Under Smart devices there are three child list.

        1) Pocket Pc 2003 2) Smart Phone 2003 3) Windows CE 5.0.

6)      Now your Windows mobile Application is ready to do Programming like we do normally in Windows application. You can add textbox, lables, and many controls in the mobile.

7)      Just click on Toolbox located at the left side and drag and drop which control you want. And also you can find the Properties, Server Explorer, and Solution Explorer.

8)      When you Run the Application (or)Press F5 it will ask for the first time to deploy the application in which Device you want a window will appear as shown in the below picture ‘Deploy Mobile’

9)      Here I am choosing ‘Pocket Pc 2003 SE Emulator’. And click on 'Deploy' Button. It will takes up to 50 seconds to show your output design Mobile with controls you had added in the mobile Screen as shown in the below Picture ‘output Mobile Window Form’.

10)   In the same way you can choose ‘Pocket Pc 2003 Square Emulator’ and remaining emulators. but the difference between these is the design of the mobile screen will be different style.

11)   If you want to stop your application temporally click on close circled button(I marked it with Red color square Box in above picture).If you want to close your Pocket Pc click on square closed button at the top of the Rightside.when click on closed button it will ask do you want to save the Emulator state before existing?. Just click on 'NO' Button.


This is a Basic thing those who wants to learn how to start with Mobile Application. Thank you for reading my article.

Thanks for Reading my Article!

Syed Shakeer Hussain

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