Bulk Email sending through Gmail

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In this article, i have tried to show , 'how to send bulk email using Gmail'.

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Nowadays, bulk mailing is a major concern for the business persons.  Every feature has its advantages and disadvantages of its own. Bulk email is also termed as ‘Spam Mailing’. Using this feature, one can make grand advertisements, send newsletters,etc.

    The disadvantage is that, it may not available in the inbox of the recipient, instead it may be available in the spam folder, where the chance of noticing the mail is very less. This is actually done by bulk email blocker programmed into email accounts.

    Advantage of bulk mailing is that, very less time is spend for sending mail to so many recipients.

In this article, I will show you , how to send bulk-mail using Gmail.



Namespace to send Mail


A relay server is required to send email. A relay is a service that allows us to send email. It is a mail server, or a specialized SMTP server/service that can deal with sending mails. System.Net.Mail only sends the mail to a relay server, and finally the relay server delivers it to the final destination.

If we want to go for third party SMTP server, for sending emails, then one of the good solution is Gmail. SMTP and POP access are being provided by Gmail, which can be used for receiving and sending emails. Here, I am using a gmail account, for sending email by SMTP.


One can send limited number of emails daily to selected people. Sending of mails to unlimited number of persons is restricted by the anti-spamming engine of gmail.

Before sending mail

After sending mail successfully

Contents of tblContactDetails. Actually i have saved all the email ids in a table.

Namespaces required for my example

Connection string, variables and arraylist declaration

Button click event

Here, i have selected the emailid field from the tblContactDetails and added into the arraylist named Email_List. That is the recipient list is being created here.

Method for sending bulk mails.

Here i have simply attached an attachment file which is being saved at D:\\temp\\ location. I needed my gmail email id and password.


Using  my example, recipient won't see that it is a mass mail. Only sender can send mass mail with this example. but recipient won't be able to see, who else is the recipient of this mail.


http:// www. codeproject. com/KB/aspnet/SMTPGmail.aspx

http://www. c-sharpcorner. com/UploadFile/sangeeta92/109102009051032AM/1.aspx

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