Table row or Gridview Row colour change effect on mouse move with Javascript and CSS

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Below Code will helps to bring mouse over effect in a HTML table or Gridview.

.tableClass tr
tableClass tr:hover


function AddHoverToTable(_tab, ClassName, _StartFrom) {
_tab = document.getElementById(_tab).getElementsByTagName("tr");
_StartFrom = (_StartFrom === undefined ? 0 : _StartFrom);
var _tablen = _tab.length;
for (x = _StartFrom; x < _tablen; x++) {

addClass(_tab[x], ClassName);



function addClass(e, c) { e.setAttribute("class", c); e.setAttribute("className", c); return e }


AddHoverToTable(_tab, ClassName, _StartFrom)
_tab ="ID of your Table or GridView"
ClassName ="Css Class Name"
_StartFrom ="You can specify the row Number, if you want to avoid row header of the grid from the effect you can pass the value as 2"

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