Add the MultiLine Text using C#

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This is a simple task some one (Begginers) feel dfificulty to add the multiline text using C#.

Normally adding the Different TextBoxes is very easy.But when it comes to the mulitline textbox begginers feel difficulty.Here i have done a sample to cover this

String text = txtbx.Text;
String[] parts = text.Split(new Char[] { ',', ':', ';', '-', '_' }, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);
int temp = 0;
foreach (String item in parts)
temp += int.Parse(item);
Response.Write("The Sum of the Multiline Text is :" + temp);

Please copy this code in the Button Click.The Output is Shown here!199&parid=FB1D4AF97530B6E5!171&authkey=!AGgAxX3p8lUNWQQ

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