Excellent new opportunity for developers to monetize more with their Apps.

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Well I don't know if anybody knows it or not but Nokia has announced that they have partnered with Vodafone India and Airtel and Reliance to offer integrated billing solutions on the Nokia Store in India. This would let users download apps from the Nokia Store and pay for their downloads as part of their monthly mobile phone bills or have the amount deducted from the pre-paid balance.

This would surely increase the earning potential of the paid apps that developers submit. Nokia is now moving more and more towards developer appeasement to encourage content creation for the store by offering 70% of the end user price straight to the developer.. This is great opportunity for developers to 'monetize their apps' since their App store clocks 13 million download requests per day globally, from just 3 million downloads a year ago. Nokia Store India currently sees more than 60 million downloads a month.
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