Short cuts of visual studio

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Collapses existing regions view of the types and members (CTRL + M + O)
Removes all outlining information in the document. (CTRL + M + P)
selected collapsed region are Toggled. (CTRL + M + M)
Inserts an element in the beginning of current line or currently selected lines. (CTRL + K + C)
Removes an element in the beginning of current line or currently selected lines. (CTRL + K + U)
Formats current document as per indentation and code formatting specified on the Formatting pane in Tools-> Options -> Text Editor -> C#. (CTRL + K + D)
Pastes Clipboard ring text to the cursor location in a file. Further using the shortcut key iterates Clipboard ring to the end. (CTRL + SHIFT + V)
Displays the smart tag menu options.(CTRL + .)


Displays the smart tag menu options. (CTRL + K + I)
Visible completion list becomes transparent. (CTRL)


Launches Debug Mode (F5)
Launches without Debug Mode (CTRL + F5)
Sets or removes a breakpoint in current line (F9)
Removes all breakpoints (CTRL + SHIFT + F9)


Displays references for the symbol selected (CTRL + K + R)
Moves the cursor to the matching brace in the source (CTRL + ])
Navigates to the code declaration of the selected symbol (F12)
Moves to the previously browsed code line (CTRL + -)
Displays the Code view of selected item (F7)
Switches to Design view from Source view (SHIFT + F7)
Switches to Source view from in Design view (SHIFT + F7)
Displays the Find and Replace dialog box (CTRL + F)
To get the Go To Line dialog box (CTRL + G)


To display Class window (CTRL + W + C)
To display Class Definition window (CTRL + W + D)
To display the window Error List (CTRL + W + E)
To get the Object Browser (CTRL + W + J)
Displays Solution Explorer, with projects and files in the current solution (CTRL + W + S)
Displays the window Task List (CTRL + W + T)
Closes the tools window (SHIFT + ESC)
To close the current tab (CTRL + F4)
Displays IDE Navigator and selectes the first window (CTRL + TAB)


Class (class | TAB | TAB)
Constructor (ctor | TAB | TAB)
Windows - Message Box (mbox | TAB |TAB)
Console - WriteLine (cw | TAB | TAB)
Property - (prop | TAB | TAB)
To get more snippets ( CTRL + K + X)


To Build all projects in a solution (F6 / CTRL + SHIFT + B)
To Build the selected project and its dependencies (SHIFT + F6)

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