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"HRM is a series of integrated decisions that form
<br />
the employment relationships; their quality contributes to the ability of the organizations and the<br />
&nbsp;employees to achieve their objectives."

I am working on the HR module.<br />
&nbsp;The HR module of IMS is flexible and user-friendly Payroll Management software
<br />
that takes care of all your requirements relating to accounting and management of
<br />
employee's Payroll. Thus the module helps you manage your schools most important
<br />
asset: the staff
The main sub modules are as follows:
? Employee Information
?<br />
&nbsp;Leave & Attendance Management

Employees<br />
&nbsp;are the most valuable and dynamic assets of an organization.<br />
&nbsp;The Employee Information System is an extensive and comprehensive<br />
&nbsp;system that maintains and tracks information pertaining to all the employees
<br />
in an organization. This system has a wide range of masters, which provide<br />
&nbsp;high degree of customization and allow the user to setup the system as per the requirements
<br />
of the organization. It captures comprehensive details pertaining to all the<br />
&nbsp;employees in the organization. It maintains the skill inventory of an
<br />
organization. There is a provision for keeping track of various types<br />
&nbsp;of transfers, including inter-location, inter-circle and inter-company
<br />
transfers; the workflow involved during the transfer process is also
<br />
automated. The system also tracks exit of an employee from the
<br />
company along with the reasons for the exit. The system also keeps<br />
&nbsp;track of appraisals and promotions. There is provision for leave and
<br />
attendance maintenance. The system is fully integrated with Recruitment,<br />
&nbsp;Payroll and Training Systems. Extensive and effective reporting functions
<br />
provide a snapshot of employee information.

be used by the user to correct any anomalies in the posted transactions.<br />

Through this an employee can apply for leave,<br />
&nbsp;get approval, and the transactions and the leave balances get updated
<br />
automatically thereby reducing paper work. The intimation to the
<br />
manager regarding the leave application and to the employee
<br />
regarding the status of the leave application happens through
<br />
automatic emails. The leave records for the approved leaves
<br />
are automatically updated.
This complements the Leave Man<br />
agement System as available through admin module explained<br />
&nbsp;above. Following is the summary of action supported on the
<br />
? An Employee can apply for leave on line and th<br />
e application will be to his Immediate Manager for further act<br />
? The employee can withdraw applications, which have
<br />
not been acted upon by the manager/approver.
? Manager c<br />
an Review his Team Leave Applications and decide whether
<br />
to Approve or Decline
? An Employee can cancel his Appro<br />
ved Leave (which again goes to the manager for approval).
?<br />
&nbsp;Even Employee can check his own Leave Balance

<br />
, manager can post leave transactions for his team members
<br />
and the leave balances get updated automatically.
<br />

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