Menu Generation in CSS

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Code to create menu in ASP.NET Using CSS

<html xmlns="" >
<head runat="server">
<title>JS Menu Jeneration</title>

<style type="text/css">

border: 3px solid black;
width: 170px;
background-color: pink;

#coolmenu a{
font: bold 13px Verdana;
padding: 2px;
padding-left: 4px;
display: block;
width: 100%;
color: white;
text-decoration: none;
border-bottom: 1px solid black;

html>body #coolmenu a{ /*Non IE lule*/
width: auto;

#coolmenu a:hover{background-color:cyan;
color: black


<div id="coolmenu">
<a href="">Search Engine</a>
<a href="">Create Mail</a>
<a href="">Post Article</a>
<a href="">Coding</a>
<a href="">Code</a>


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