Access VBA - Tips 1 (GetSQLText)

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Its very difficult when you have to debug queries linked with multiple queries in MS Access or if you want to find specific text in all queries in the same database

This code will create a text file in the name of database on the same database's folder and list out all SQL text from the database with the query name.

Sub GetSQLText()
Dim db As Database
Dim q As QueryDef
Dim CurrentPath As String

CurrentPath = Application.CurrentProject.Path & "\"

Set db = CurrentDb

Open CurrentPath & "SQL_" & Replace(Application.CurrentProject.Name, ".mdb", "") & ".txt" For Append As #1
For Each q In Application.CodeDb.QueryDefs
Print #1, q.Name & ":" & vbNewLine & q.sql
Close #1

End Sub

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