Delete a node using XDocument

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I have an xml as under

<database dbid="1" dbserverid="1" dbname="db1" />
<database dbid="2" dbserverid="1" dbname="db2" />
<database dbid="3" dbserverid="2" dbname="db3" />
<database dbid="4" dbserverid="3" dbname="db4" />

I want to delete the node whose dbserverid= "1". How to do so?


static void Main(string[] args)
var input = @"<databases>
<database dbid='1' dbserverid='1' dbname='db1' />
<database dbid='2' dbserverid='1' dbname='db2' />
<database dbid='3' dbserverid='2' dbname='db3' />
<database dbid='4' dbserverid='3' dbname='db4' />
var xDoc = XDocument.Parse(input);
xDoc.Descendants("database").Where(xa => xa.Attribute("dbserverid").Value == "1").Remove();

var newXml = xDoc.ToString();


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