Coding Standards

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Today i am going to explain Coding standards:-
Following points need to be consider while doing code:-

1). Global variables or Class-level variables must always starts with m_ or _(underscore) i.e.
private string m_employee_name = string.empty.
private bool m_is_edit = false;
private int _employee_id = 0;

by defining global variables with m_/_ meaning any body can understand variables are defined as global.

2). Local variables or Function-level variables :- should be defined as simple as we define inside method such as
string employee_name = string.empty.
int employee_id = 0;

3). Private Method(s) :- First character of all words,except the first word are Upper Case and other characters are lower case.

For example:-
private string getValues(int id) //without underscore


 private string get_Values(int id)

4). Public Method(s) :- First character of all words will be in Upper Case and other characters will be in lower case.

For example:-
 public string GetValues(int id) //without underscore


 public string Get_Values(int id)

5). Constants :- These are defined with all characters in Upper case.
For exp:-
public const STATUS_ACTIVE = "AA";
public const STATUS_DEACTIVE = "DD";
public string EMPLOYEE_NAME = "EMP_NAME";

6). Proper Name(Variable/Controls) :- Always give proper name to variables to understand such as int emp_it = 0; or int
employee_id = 0;
controls name like TextBox id will start as
chk_employee_status -> Checkbox
ddl_employee_code -> Dropdownlist
gd_employee_details -> Gridview

and do same for all controls.

7). Class/Structure -> Give proper name such as

public class Employee_Master
public class Project_Master
public structure Position_Master

8). Properties :- Must be declared as First character will always be in capital case as shown below
    public string Employee_Name
get{return m_employee_name;}
set{m_employee_name = value;}

9). Enumeration :- Proper name as
Enum Priority
Low = 0,
Medium = 1,
High = 2

Enum Priority

If we do not assign a value in enum, then enum by-default start with 0 index.

10). For Loop :- give proper or meaningful variables name in loop to understand as
for(int index = 0; index<=gd_employee_master.rows.count-1;index++)

for(int counter = 0; counter <=gd_employee_master.rows.count-1;counter ++)

By applying above approach, you can be a good coder


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