How to Create Sharepoint Project in Visual Studio 2010 ?

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When i started to create a Sharepoint Visual Web part in VS2010, after given the name for an Sharpoint application, then i click ok , then i get the following error ""A SharePoint server is not installed on this computer. A SharePoint server must be installed to work with SharePoint projects."

Solution for To work with Sharepoint Projects:

List out the solutions Below:

1. Take the backup of Regedit.exe in Your local machine

2. In server machine, Open the Regedit.exe, then click the following folder:
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Web Server Extensions\14.0 "

Click on the 14.0 folder and right click on it, then select Export to save in any folder.

3. In local machine, run the copied folder from server to local machine.

4. finaly, copy all sharepoint dll from server , install it into GAC in localmachine.

How to Install DLL in to GAC in Localmachine?
Before going to install dll. we should do the listing the files from directory where we stored the all dll's

1. first copy all dll from server and paste into folder in local machine.
2. go to command prompt ,then run with administrator.
3. create the path where u located the dll
5. Get the directory dll in to a text file by using the follwing command
E:\Server_14_ISAPI_SP_DLLS> dir /b>fb.txt - it will give only the file name

E:\Server_14_ISAPI_SP_DLLS> dir /s/b>fb2.txt- - it will give only the file name with directory

E:\Server_14_ISAPI_SP_DLLS> dir >fb.txt- - it will give all the information of file in the current dirctory

6. finally i get the file.txt where all the dlls

Now open the new command prompt
1. create the path where the gacutil in Your system.

2. C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0A\bin> gacutil /i xxx.dll (file.txt where all the dlls stored)

3. run it like above command until install the last dll from directory

4. finally , you happy to create a sharepoint project in Visual studio 2010.

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