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<figcaption> tag is used to put additional information about the image.

<p>The world’s most uncompromising quality standard is what makes the Mercedes-Benz.....’ engineered like no other car in the world. <br />
Our enthusiasm for technical innovation is always tempered by our responsibility to the car, to our customers and their safety .We are so concerned with making the Mercedes-Benz the world’s best automobile that we always, as a matter of principle, exceed all the statutory quality regulations. More than fifty years of safety research has helped us pioneer countless lifesaving developments. And we just don’t stop at making cars; our commitment to technical progress is also matched by the commitment to the environment.
s a result of the day-to-day commitment from the value driven management has led to the company's profitable growth in India. <br />Products that meet such high demands as a Mercedes also require high standards from people producing them.
<img src="benze.gif" />
<figcaption>This is MercedesBenze logo.</figcaption>

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