Remove Leading Zeros and decimals using PATINDEX

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In this case the objective is to remove Leading Zeros and DOTS using PATINDEX

DECLARE @somevalue VARCHAR(50) = '00001234590789005.9005'; --set the initial value

DECLARE @dotPosition INT -- variable to store the occurance of dot position
DECLARE @nonZeroPosition INT -- variable to store the occurance of first non zero value position
DECLARE @valueBeforeDecimal VARCHAR(50) -- variable to store values before decimals

SELECT @dotPosition = PATINDEX('%[[.]%',@somevalue)

SELECT @valueBeforeDecimal = LEFT(@somevalue,@dotPosition-1) --Extract non-decimal part

SELECT @nonZeroPosition = PATINDEX('%[^0]%',@valueBeforeDecimal)

SELECT ExtractedValue = SUBSTRING(@valueBeforeDecimal,@nonZeroPosition,(LEN(@valueBeforeDecimal)-(@nonZeroPosition - 1))) --remove leading zero(s)

In this case, we have first extracted the non-decimal values and then from that we have removed the Leading Zeros.



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