Connecting to Database Engine from Another Computer in SSMS

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After enabling TCP/IP protocol, configuring specific port and opening ports in Firewall, follow the below instructions to make connection to Database Engine from another machine.

1. Login to with authorized account to access SQL Server on the second computer and open SSMS (SQL Server Maangement Studio)
2. Select Database Engine server type in the Connect to Server dialog box
3. In the Server name box, type tcp: to specify the protocol, followed by the computer name, a comma, and the port number. To connect to the default instance, the port 1433 is implied and can be omitted; therefore, type tcp:<computer_name>. In our example for a named instance, type tcp:<computer_name>,<Port> .

NOTE: To access any database server, the service should be up and running, check the server status in services.msc --> SQL Server

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