filtering sp_who2 results

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The overhead of sp_who2 is listing out all the sessions connected to SQL Server. Here its difficult to analyse the result set of sp_who2. We will feel that it would be good to have the filters on sp_who2 result set.... Below query helps us in that way..

CREATE TABLE #sp_who2Result (SPID INT,Status VARCHAR(255),
Login VARCHAR(255),HostName VARCHAR(255),
BlockedBySPID VARCHAR(255),DBName VARCHAR(255),
Command VARCHAR(255),CPUTime INT,
DiskIO INT,LastBatch VARCHAR(255),
ProgramName VARCHAR(255),SPID2 INT,
INSERT INTO #sp_who2Result EXEC sp_who2
FROM #sp_who2Result
-- Add any filtering of the results here :
WHERE DBName <> 'master' -- exclude system DBs if you want
and BlockedBySPID <>' .' -- returns blocking sessions
-- Add any sorting of the results here :
ORDER BY DBName ASC -- sort result to understand them in better way

DROP TABLE #sp_who2

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