How to call web api from Angular 2

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Hello guys

Here in this article i am going to show you , how to call web api from our angular 2 / 4 application from a service file

first of all we should know basics about angular and its services

And other most important thing is that , we know how to create and consume web api in angular 2

So lets create service file inside our project

Note : i am not going to write whole file code , because service in Angular2 automatically create predefine structure for us

Step : 1 Create method inside service file (StudService.ts file)

constructor(private _httpp : HTTP) // where http is service , calls actual methods of it
{ }

let mainApiUrl = "http://localhost:55555/api/Students"; // Student is API Controller Name

return this._httpp.get(this.mainApiUrl).map((response) => response.json() );

So as you can see , _httpp.get() calls for Get() request from API Handler

Step : 2 Call Delete Method

As we saw above that Get() is called using get() method , same way Delete operation can be called using delete() of http method

So lets see how to implement that :

let DeleteUrl = "http://localhost:55555/api/Students";

return this._httpp.delete(this.mainApiUrl+ "/" + id).map((response) => response.json() );

Explaination :

delete() -> this will call the delete of an http method delete() , based on given id

id -> ID is a student id for which we want to delete an specific student

Step : 3 Post an Student

As we saw in MVC we can add data using post request , same way we can also use POST in ASP.NET MVC Web API an POST Request

Lets implement post request via service in angular 2

let postAPIUrl = "http://localhost:55555/api/Students";

{ , body).map((response) => response.json() );

Code explaination :

post() -> post method automatically call web api's post method request where data collection to be posted

body -> Body is a collection of data , that is being collected in .ts file of angular 2 component file

E.G : we have student class and data like :


etc are collected data that are we previously got via filling the form , its like entity or a array of an different types .

So that's the way to implement WEB Api call from Angular 2 service class

If you want more about this please follow :

Feel free to ask me if you found something wrong or suggest me if i missed something

Manav Pandya

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