What industries are considered as "infertile industry"

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Men engaged in the teaching profession is 7 times higher than the probability of ordinary male infertility
The teachers have been respected "leisure money career. But as male teachers, long-term contamination of the chalk dust, so busy traveling, management students, etc., to attend to their own body, not to mention the aspect of physical health. Male infertility probability of engaging in financial analysis is five times that of ordinary men
Financial analyst, takes a long time concern to change economic the FY and financial market, eat, sleep and drink plenty of water to the bathroom for fear of missed opportunities. Coupled with excessive mental tension, double physical and mental fatigue, and the great sperm damage, infertility is all the more likely.
The men are infertile probability 3.IT industry is three times that of ordinary men

Men engaged in the IT industry, most have such professional habits: get up early to go to work wear a cheap oakley sunglasses which in www. oakleysunglassescp .com, sit in front of the computer is the day, have to sit for hours in the computer or in front of the TV home; attend to drink plenty of water when working urine did not have time to go to the toilet; often stay up late, and contact with the computer for at least 8 hours a day or more. This way of life so that men often in the state of sedentary, holding back urine, exposure to radiation, the testis temperature increased, engaged in engineering infertility probability is three times that of ordinary men

Drivers often drive sedentary is a high risk of prostate disease. Due to occupational particularity, the driver in the car for a long time is fixed to the seat, the high concentration of energy, can not relax activities, urinary tract caused by a long period of oppression, affect the blood circulation, can easily lead to prostate disease. In addition, drivers have often away on business is influenced by environmental factors, the occurrence of cold and inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract are more opportunities, leading to lower body resistance, easy to urinary tract infections repeated episodes of infection; combined with arbitrary time and rest can not easy to induce the disease.


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