unable to get the column Index for Data table 1.9

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hi to all...
My requirement is adding/Removing columns dynamically using drag and drop from tree view to data table v1.9;On left hand side i have tree view and Nodes;On other side i have html table with some static data ;when i am dragging a node from tree view- on html table,tree view Node acts as a column ;here i am binding html table with Data table v1.9;i applied revert function also;It is working fine.Once i drag a node it is acting column ;and when i drag a column from data table v1.9 to tree view column has to be remove;here i am hiding the column;If i click on table header of particular column i can see the column Name with help of alert(Column Name);but when i am click on Dynamically added column i am getting column Name as combination of all columns what and all present in Data table v1.9.If i get column Name perfectly i can get Column index ..with this index i can hide the column ;here i am attaching my code Please check webForm1.aspx page and guide me On this .

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