Restaurant Billing Application

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Can you please provide me the code for this restaurant billing app.Please its urgent.Please see the attached RestaurantBilling rar file.

Logic should be developed as follows:
1)Create same look and feel as seen in screenshot.
2)Category and Items are displaying in Xtragrid Using Layout View.
3)Photos and details of items are coming from database.
4)Once user will press add new button save button will appear on next to add new button an add new button visible =false and on the right side they will require to enter customer details like name and address.
5)Once user will click on the item which is displayed on item grid it will be directly added to the database and will display datagridview control on the right side.
6)At the bottom total of all items will be shown.
7)Number keypad will be used to enter qty and customer number.
8)At last it should be saved using the save button and then add new button will be again visible and save button will be hidden.

We need you to connect the application to database through Dataset(Drag and drop from Server WITHOUT DOING ANY CODING IN THE CODES) Binding source control will be used with table adapters PLEASE JUST DRAG THE CONTROLS FROM TOOLBOX NO NEED TO WRITE CODE IN THE CODE BEHIND TO CONNECT THROUGH DATABASE. JUST YOU WILL WRITE FILL COMMAND (i.e. SalesInvoiceTableAdapter.Fill (me.Mydataset.SalesInvoice)) IN CODE VIEW REST ALL WILL BE DONE THROUGH DATASET CONTROL TABLE ADAPTER AND BINDING SOURCE CONTROL.



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