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Hello techies,

I'm having a weird problem when I'm generating the proxy class with svcutil.

I'use the following commands to generate the proxy

SvcUtil.exe" /t:metadata "$(TargetDir)NegotiationsPlatform.WCFServices.dll"

SvcUtil.exe" /t:code $(TargetDir).wsdl $(TargetDir).xsd /out:$(SolutionDir)NegotiationsPlatform.Web.IU\proxy\Proxy.cs /reference:$(TargetDir)NegotiationsPlatform.Models.dll /namespace:*,NegotiationsPlatform.Proxy /ct:System.Collections.Generic.List`1

Everything works like magic except the fact that methods returning a generic list are not properly decorated with the "ServiceKnownTypeAttribute" and as a result there is an exception saying that serialization has failed.

But whereas all my methods that return an object and not a list work fine as they are properly decorated with ServiceKnownTypeAttribute for the types declared in my "NegotiationsPlatform.Models.dll"

Any form of help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,


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