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Hello world,

i have an iis server "h2107619.stratoserver.net" and registered a domain "www.kreativ-vor-ort.de".

My problem is that i do not know how to configure the forwarding/binding correctly.

At the moment the domain "www.kreativ-vor-ort.de" forwards to http://kreativ-vor-ort.h2107619.stratoserver.net/...
On the IIS Server there is a Website called "kreativ-vor-ort" and it is bound to all Hostnames "*" without a special IP-Adress assigned.
But this is bad, because i want to have multiple sites, only responding to the correct "call"...

Now what i want to do is to configure the "kreativ-vor-ort" to be bound Hostname="kreativ-vor-ort" at port 80 without assigning a special IP-Adress. However this does not work (the server does not reply if i configure it that way) and i do not understand why. What is the correct way to configure this...

thanks a lot.


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