Compare Files in Two Directories using C# by reading XML File

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Hi Friends, I need your help in creating a program Windows Application C# program with below requirement.

Purpose of program: Compare Files in two directories and display result by reading XML file each nodes data.

1. Program will upload and read .XML file and display the result in DataGridview.
2. Then program will use DataGridview data or XML node data and find the files in two directories. As shown in below
3. Display the files search details from two directories like Size, Last Modified date, Name of files

<title>XML dataFile having files Directory</title>
<table tname="doc_typ"/>
<table tname="doc_typ_arg"/>
<table tname="doc_lblfmt"/>

<table tname="dscmst"/>

<table tname="lblfmt"/>


Or If Any body is having better idea then please feel free to share.


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