Javascript framework for SPA

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Hi All,

Our company are planning to develop a Product (Web based). The product is going allow users to;

1) Search (basic and advance)

2) View search results (Text, Video, Audio, Maps, etc).

3) Compare / analysis the results.

4) Generate Responsive reports.

5) Manage master data, etc.

We have being spending lot of time for deciding the Technology stack.

Below is the stack we roughly think of;

Database: MS Sql Server 2012

Framework: MS .Net Framework 5.0

Programming Language: C#

Application: Not able to come to a firm call. Possibly Single Page App (may be a total wrong Smile )

Javascript framework: This is our biggest concern for now. What to go for AngularJS / KnockouJs / some thing else.

Kindly provide your valuable inputs.

thanks in Advance.


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