Automated dialer for outbound calls to multiple customers simultaneously

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I need to develop an automated dialer.Whose job will be to take phone numbers from the excel/CSV/DataBase and start dialling the different customers simultaneously (multithreading technology).Once got connected to customer then connect that call to one of the caller who is free and pop up the CRM at agent. I mean to say.

Firstly, I am assuming here that a typical dialer will have a voice component, being the dialer itself. This will contain the logic for consuming a campaign, an algorithm if predictive, and the ability to determine a dial result (most often if the recipient of the call has answered as human or machine). The second component is the interface for the agents which will pop up on their screen when an outbound call has found a human (sometimes a machine if desired), along with pertinent information about the target customer and also provide the ability for the agent to dispose of the call, enter comments and change data about the customer for future campaigns and reporting.

Dialer must be intelligent enough to make and transfer the calls to idle agent.

Is there any API is available in .net which can help me to develop this product as per the scenario given above?


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