how to enable bundling and minification on IIS 6 and 4.0

Posted by Syedkhaleel2010 under IIS on 2/10/2015 | Points: 10 | Views : 3133 | Status : [Member] | Replies : 0
I am trying to publish my website to deployment server(IIS 6).which includes changes to global.asax file's application_start.which registers a bundle to load/compress js/css works fine with local solution and in IIS 7 server.

But when I deploy same application to server(IIS 6) bundled resources are not loading to the page.I suspect problem with global.asax as this file makes a call to the bundle class to register bundled resources.

When i look at the global.asax file. Global.asax file is present in root directory of publised folder.and global.dll files are present in bin folder too.

I dont understand the reason why its not updating the global.asax file in deployment server(IIS 6).

Due this issue i am not able to make it to deployment server.

Please let me know if any configuration settings are needed to enable bundling and minification to work with IIS6.



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