Time Based SQL Insertions

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Hi All,

I need to send an e-mail notification to the user basing on some date and time.

Im using my front end to send the email by checking a column value (isActive) and proceeding with the notification.

Now my requirement is to have a time based trigger or a Dynamic email notification system. The Procedure should accept start date, end date and also the Subscription date. The logic here is Start and end are the two major points and subscription is the amount days we are allowing the user to access a specific resource in the application.

So now the Start date is today 5/4/5015 and end date is 10/4/2015. But the subscription time is only 2 days.

The user should receive an email on 5th that your subscription started (This can be done using Start date)

Also the user should receive that he subscription going to end on 7th so he need to receive an email basing on the subscription days.

Do i need a Time based Trigger to achieve this? Please put in your thoughts.


Radha Srikanth


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