I want to Deploy MVC to Hosting Server

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I’ve developed an application over .Net 4.5 / MVC 5. And now I want to host my new website.

It’s not so complex application basically serving as a community image sharing website. Now I'm looking for a hosting service for it, I don’t know much about it but what I’ve learnt I think I need following in it.

- Host provided using IIS 8 (that’s fully supports .NET 4.5/MVC 5 so I could ideally use MVC routing functionalities totally, without having the headache of adding extensions in route and support functionalities (File MIME Types, Custom Error Pages etc.)
- As it’s a community website, so it should remain available 24/7 like good server performance and availability, so users don’t get bugged by server not available and alike errors.
- Domain registering/hosting functionality, Security
- SQL Server 2014 support, an easy control panel. I dont want any headache to manage my website
- Dedicated IP address for my website (for SSL and better SEO)
- Ideally unlimited bandwidth/space packages (because it image sharing so it can be increasing in both parameters)
- European DataCenter (Netherlands or France are great point)
- Email accounts

I know I’ve put up a lot of points up, but I’ve also searched through google and forums and found out these as recommended options, any words over their performance and support:


Any other good hosting suggesstion? Thank you


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