how create each cell remarks as modalpopupExtender into

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I have created a timesheet form for each hours works. when emplyees feel this
form, he has enter hours and when he press image button a remarks of
modalpopupExtender opening and he entering what is has works for
that hours then he closing that form. But when he working on mutltiple project
that time creating new rows for another projects works. and again feeling his
remarks. But problem is when he create new rows that time he is seeing new
old remarks which he typed in remarks modalpopupExtender. I try to save data
then it is saving all information well except remarks is getting duplicate text,
means last remark is overring all columns of remarks into datatable. I have iead
take a textbox and make him hidden then try to save text from modulepopupextnder untile
data save. is it possible or other ways...

Please find attach herewith


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