Making a gridview open in a new page, Update changes made in a treeview at runtime?

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Hi! I'm new and I got these queries which need a solution...

Query 1:

I have an excel sheet which I import into gridview at runtime. For excel sheet import, I have a fileupload dialog box and an button control which when clicked imports the sheet contents into a gridview. The problem is I have my fileupload box and button control in a page called Default.aspx and I need the gridview get displayed maximized in a new page called Default2.aspx. Also, I need to specify the row number of the field titles from the excel sheet dynamically at runtime so that the gridview gets generated from that row on. I tried some examples of importing excel sheet into gridview but they failed to work exactly. Some of them are:

The excelsheets I use contain complex formatting. Is there anyway to display the excelsheet contents as they have been defined and formatted?

Query 2:

I add nodes to my treeview dynamically at runtime. Since HTTP is a stateless protocol, the changes which I do remain only for that session. How do I append the changes I do to the treeview simultaneously in the code?

Please guide... Thanks in advance...


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