C# Selenium Automation Application to be executed in Azure Web Jobs

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I have created a Selenium Automation Scripts using the Visual studio and C# language, I have the set of files including Assemblies [DLL and Executable] in the bin folder of the project.

How does it work?

When I click on the executable it automatically triggers the Firefox and launch the website and check for the automation testing scripts as it is coded, which works as expected when deployed to the "Web Server" box which has the firefox installed.

Where I face Issue?

I have to deploy the same application in the azure environment, instead of deploying in the "App Services" I found it's better to deploy the executable to be deployed as "Web Jobs" which can be executed automatically on daily basis.

When I execute Web jobs in the azure environment, where can I execute the browser from an application? How does this work?

Is azure cannot support this kind of automation testing?

Please suggest me or correct me with the proper way of deployment.

What have I tried?
I deployed the application in Web Jobs, web jobs executes and stops with Filed status after some few seconds, hope it cannot initiate a browser.

Thanks in Advance.



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