Get 1 year records in SQLlite database

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Hi All,

Please help me out on getting 1 year data on SQLITE Database.

I have below table:-
Technology :- Skills, User, When_Used
Skills User When_Used
C# U1 Dec-17
VB.Net U2 Oct-17
Asp.Net U3 Sep-17
SQLite U2 Aug-17
Sql Server U4 Jul-17
MVC U1 Jun-17
Web Api U5 Mar- 17
Node JS1 U2 Dec- 17
Node JS2 U7 Sep- 17
Node JS3 U1 Jun- 17

Expected Result :-
Skills User_Count When_Used
C# 200 Dec-17
VB.Net 12 Oct-17
Asp.Net 30 Sep-17
SQLite 1000 Aug-17
Sql Server 250 Jul-17
MVC 900 Jun-17
O1 0 Mar- 17
Node JS1 0 Jan- 17
Node JS1 0 Feb- 17
Node JS1 0 Nov- 17
Node JS1 0 Apr- 17
Node JS1 0 May- 17

My concern is that - Data should be displayed for 1 year in Sqlite database.
Suppose - Current month - Dec-17
Then records must be from Dec-16 to Nov-17
I.e. Current month should not include in the result-set.
Note - If only 2 months data is available then data should also contains rest month with count 0. I am using Node.JS with Sqllite.

Please help me out. it's urgent
Thanks in advance.


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