Filter JSON data by using LIKE operator as in SQL

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Hi All,

I have below json data.

I want to filter using url and yyyy_mm column and create the new data in json format.

I have 2 requirements here:-

1). Filter using url column using like operator in sql.
suppose if i pass url as then it should return me all data which contains such as,, and so on.

2). filter using url and yyyy_mm column. So in this case whatever matching rows should be returned.
Please note that :- it should return me json object.

var tempData =[{"url":"","yyyy_mm":"2017-12","skills":"C#","count":3},                    {"url":"","yyyy_mm":"2017-11","skills":"F#","count":4}
{"url":"","yyyy_mm":"2017-10","skills":"","count":4}, {"url":"","yyyy_mm":"2017-12","skills":"","count":10},

Thanks in Advance!!!!!


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