how to set phone formate through Ajax

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I am using an ajax controle to set the phone format.Code is given as
<asp:TextBox ID="txtPhoneNo" runat="server" Width="192px" CssClass="txtbox" MaxLength="14" ToolTip="Enter Your Phone No." AutoCompleteType="Disabled"></asp:TextBox>

<ajaxtoolkit:maskededitextender id="MaskedEditExtender2" runat="server" acceptampm="False"
mask="99-999-9999999" masktype="Date" targetcontrolid="txtPhoneNo"></ajaxtoolkit:maskededitextender>

this code is working properly but when any event is fire on page it refresh the textbox and textbox txtphoneno become empty.So please suggest me
how to solve this problem .
Thanks and Regards
Arti Singh


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