Want to know save data fields in SQL while publishing the design

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Hi all,

The scenario is this how we would know the data n data fields are saved in SQ L server through design form in info path while we publish that form in share point..

Because when we published that form it will app-air in share point but i want to know which data fields behind that form design are saved in SQ L server ... The aim of this is that if we want to retrieve the same data which is saved through form how we would know that which columns n fields related to that form are save in SQ L server database tables...

Because all data will be saved in SQ L server Tables named AllUserData and all lists themselves are saved in ALLLists table name...

But in these tables the data of all forms that are published will be saved ....

How we categories that this data is from this form like this....

Also another scenario is this is there any possibility that we design our own database table in SQ L server and connect that specific table with our required design form..???

Thanks for advance Help



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