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Dear Friends,

I have attend the  interview for SQL developer in Ramco Systems Ltd,Chennai.
They Conduct 2 Rounds.

1.Written Exam :

   It consists of 25 questions .with choose the best answer option.Most of the questions in given some table,query and they asking output for this.

I did well in the Written exam and Cleared also.

2.F2F Technical Round:
 In the panel there are 2 members asking questions from SQL and SSRS.
First they ask about current project Detail,Most of the questions rised from resume only.They read each and every line in Resume and asking from it.

Then basic SQL questions like below,
1. Diff Between Stored Procedure and Function in SQL

2. Diff Between 2005 and 2008 SQL Server

3.Cursor and its Syntax

4.Sub Query and examples

5. Temp tables

6.Types of Reports in SSRS

7.How to Deploy Reports in one server to another server.

I done well in Technical Round.

3. HR Round:

After 2 days ,got call from HR .They asking about self introduction ,current company details ann works.
Then  previous company details and works ,finally Discuss about Salary package and how soon u join in our company.

Result : I got selected for that positions with good Package.



Arul R




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