My Interview as fresher

Company Name - Apex  Posted by Learningtorise on 5/13/2013 | Views: 3145 | Points: 150
Hi, I went for interview at Apex Solutions for .NET(C#) and SQL 1 year back..
I went there as a fresher.

Following are questions i can remember as of now:

  • Difference between String and string
  • Boxing/UnBoxing
  • What is GCC
  • Use of Enum.parse
  • Can we pass textbox object in Select...Case
  • Diff betwn int, Int16 and Int32
  • One Example to demonstrate Function OverRiding
  • Diff. Between Interface and Abstract
  • What is the limit for number of 'Unique' columns that can be created in a table in SQL
  • Can we Override ToString() method in C#
  • Difference between DBMS and RDBMS

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