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Hi ,

 i would like to share my experience of  interview conducted on last week.It may help others who are looking for job change.

The interview was technical face to face interview.

Duration:45 mins

Here are the questions.

* what  are the technologies you have used ?
* what is grid view?
* write a code to bind dropdownlist in grid view?
* Are you good in writing stored procedures in sql server?
* what are the differences b/w stored procedures and function?
* what are the data types available in sql server?
* what are the differences b/w char,var char and nvarchar?
* Explain transaction management in sql ?
* Can u write an example for commiting an transaction and rollback of a transaction.?
* How to generate reports?
* How to generate reports in c#?
* Explain rdlc?
* Explain  Master Page?
* Explain the Projects u have worked?

Out come:

 i was satisfied with my performance and got a call on the evening on the same day to come to know that i was selected.

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