ASP.NET with C # Developer for 2.5 Year Experience Level

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Hello Team,

Today i would like to post my Interview Experience conducted on 30-8-2013 for ASP.NET with C# Developer for 2.5 Years of Experience.

The Interview Process was pretty simple as being experienced for 2.5 years, they directly started with the Machine test i.e. hands on Coding to complete the task in 45 mins

Personal Interview :-

Duration :- 30 mins

Question Asked :-

  • MySelf
  • Technologies Worked
  • When did you last used .NET with SQL Server
  • Which Version of IIS was used for hosting of websites (according to the projects mentioned in CV)
  • Rate yourself in writing Stored Procedures, Scripts,CMS Development,Project Scope.

Technical Round : Hands on Coding

Task 1:-

Dymanically binding the dropdown on page load event using Stored procedure and if any errors trap the error in catch block and write the log in the text file.

Now On Selected Index Event, there was a need to bind the checklist from database depending upon the criteria.

Eg :- If I have selected Maharashtra then all the cities of Maharashtra should be visible and bounded to the Checkbox List .

Task 2 :-

Once the Checkbox List is bound with data from database.We need to select the checkbox from the check box list and pass the selected text of the all the selected checkboxes from the checkbox list as comma seperated values to the data base and display it in a Grid.

Technical Round : Face to Face Interview

Questions asked:-

  • Why to use stored Procedure compared to inline coding
  • When does a page Postback happen?
  • Life Cycle of ASP.NET
  • Server Side State management techniques
  • Can you bind a Checkbox inside the dropdown ?
  • Which kind of validation is better Client Side or Server side and Why ?
  • What measures you will take while hosting the website on IIS?
  • If an file is not getting uploaded when the App is live but works fine on Local machine..What might be the issue and where it lies and how to solve it.

HR Round : Pending

Interview Outcome :-  Personal interview and technical Round i.e. hands on coding and face-to-face cleared....HR Round is pending

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